Astrological Science and NASA + Lulin & Obama

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The satellite collision is first time in Space history.

Astrological science has been signaled many months ahead of actual occurrence, since article in total solar eclipse at north pole August 1st 2008 and again signaled in article Venus occultation by Moon December 1st 2008.  Predictions are as follow:

Note from Solar eclipse August article: NASA: The total solar eclipse effect can strike satellites orbiting space or space station. Great loss of NASA will be encountered, especially those space crafts scheduled to send in to orbit or those already in orbit from July 2008 – April 2009. Much care is needed in before launching space craft, human error or surveyor error may occur. { }

Note from Venus occultation by Moon: NASA: current Venus transiting to Moon effect can strike satellites orbiting space or international space station. The great loss of NASA  space programme will be encountered in 2009. { }

                           Such unusual events are happened within Astrological science given target period,




                                                          {NASA lost 280 millions }


BBC News: The probe was launched in 2007 and mapped the moon’s surface a Chinese Lunar probe has crashed in to the moon.> <

 Comet LuLin Effects.

cometclose3ၤBetween August 2008 and February 2009 within 6 months the unusual events such as total solar eclipse at north pole, Venus occultation by Moon and the comet LuLIN which occurred and passed closest to earth within 38 millions miles will entail ominous and catastrophic consequence over our planet earth and its inhabitants unprecedented natural disasters,on earth and space, subterranean explosives, especially unbridled military buildup or excites and stirs up War. Taking the military action, widening the scope of war and world affairs could happen like during the time of WWII or continuing unrest will plague on the earth and space.

Especially NASA has to face difficulties due to malfunctioning of computer control system or sensitive electronic sensor systems from space craft, satellites, ISS, or Mars lander Phoenix. Since August 2008, the cosmic chemistry is damaged and it is an ill time to begin any new concern on space programme or NASA should avoid multi million space programme game between 2009 and  June 2010. 

Also much care is needed in all nuclear power plants or nuclear drive submarines , there may occur leakage of reactors  accidentally or caused by disturbances.

OBAMA း  When the comet was transiting on Leo is the closest point to the earth. According to the sidereal system US natal Moon is posit in Aquarius and Obama natal Uranus, Pluto, Mars and N, Node are posit in Leo, the comet Lulin was transiting opposite 180 degree angle from US natal Moon,and it was transiting on Obama’s natal Urans, Pluto,Mars and N, node from Leo. It confers Obama will always be attended grave problems that defy easy solution or appeasement policy . He will find himself very difficult to maintain his presidential position and more and more difficult to handle the grave global problems as he will be confronted with demonstrations and mounting acts of terrorists including global Islamic. He is not war free. In case of being free from warring conditions, he would seldom complete his term, highly vulnerable to assassination or resignation will occur. He will have to pass over mountain of swords and sea of fire on his political journey . Especially after total solar eclipse of July 2009 it shows sudden and unexpected developments in Government circles which will require careful management or defeat and resignation will ensue. Within Obama target date withdrawing the troops from unrest Iraq is impossible. If he is succeeded likelihood new theater of historic War will arise.

The Kings, ruler or famous people who smiler to rulers will be assassinated or face death before April 2010.

May all be free from the effects of such disasters.

Bella Liberty  ( Astrophilosopher )




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