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If A Black Pearl Is In The White House

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Coming July 4th 2008 super power American age is  almost 232 years completed and also there were many great histories and unusual events were lied between 4th July 1776  and  2008. But today an African blood Black man Obama is making the greatest history ever before in more than two centuries old American history.

The White House was built in October 13th 1792 and it was completed on 1800 and later  it was named as a white House” since that day only the whites are continuously consolidating the White House and its power. But in 2008 Obama become a greatest historic black in America and today all medias are jumped to Obama’s ship and most of the Americans are voting for him and voicing for the change. Today he is the one who is leading the all American whites and also he is  already one step  inside the White House. The whole world blacks are proud of him also the Islamic world is more proud of him. Today Obama is the Americans dream and Americans are hopping for the great changes. That would be their dreams, their hopes and the situation.

of cause if Obama is elected definitely America will be changed, but no one knows that would be change for the good or for the worse ? That is an important political matter.  I have presented my political weather focus 0n 2000 US presidential election. As I have predicted current US history and G.W Bush  has been witnessing the world is on fire, while walking the thorny path full of portholes and unprecedented economic downturns. such historic political focus were signaled years ahead of actual occurrence, which also has been broad casted by London BBC on January 1st 2002 @ 2:15 pm GMT.

Now what about the on -going US presidential election? What will be the impact of the result of if Obama wins? I will present the answer in gist. Who will win is a challenge to Astrology?  Who should win is an important political matter?

It is an in-depth study a philosophy resembling a political report covering the prediction of if a Black spot is in the White House. 

Analysis on Obama

Obama is said to be born on August 4th 1961 and the US independent day is 4th July 1776. According to Sidereal system US independent natal moon is posit in Aquarius and Obama’s powerful evil planets Pluto, Uranus, Mars and North Node are oppose to US natal moon. Also US natal Uranus and Mars are conjunct with Obama’s natal moon. That combinations confer a very powerful influence and each aspect shows grave danger of International disputes, disagreement with other powers, unsatisfactory condition of foreign relations and danger of war and troublesome position in regard to foreign affairs, producing awkward and unexpected complications of a serious nature and the nation’s status will demote . So Obama’s natal chief evil planets are not allow him to lead the nation with high profile and changing for the good directions. As well as his natal evil planets Pluto, Uranus, Mars are conjunct with Iranian president  Ahmadinejad’s natal moon that is an evil influence denoting strike, rioting, violence , turbulence among the people and outrages against with other power.  So dreaming for his appeasement policy would be in vain.  

 If he was born at noon or after noon on November 2008 the current Mars will oppose to his natal moon and US natal Uranus and Mars that would be most of the Americans will change their attitudes on Obama and McCain will surly be riding high for the next president. If nature deviates and Obama wins, US would enjoy another four years of term in his presidency the impact would be…..

1..Iran will succeed its wide range of nuclear program and Iran will strongly tie with China , Russia, and all anti American nations. The Iran will become super power in Middle East and  will seek Veto in UN. US will lose its influence on Middle East, if Middle East is out of US influence than the US economic recovery would be in vain.

2..Obama’s foreign policy which talking to the terrorists or appeasement policy to Iran will  be increased terrorists power and will support to Iran’s nuclear program, it will show grave danger of International disputes and his foreign policy will disagreement with EU and other power.

3. Within Obama’s tenure of White House definitely US may lose its super power status and that would be heading to the worst in all fronts.

4.The retrograde Saturn is opposed to his Mercury and Sun, that aspect confers much activity; much reading and a busy minded but given to the pursuit of lack knowledges and philosophy. Perhaps he is good reader but seldom study the nature of communists, nature of terrorists and nature of Iran and the current world situation.

5. The Planets Pluto, Uranus, Mars and North Node are powerful evil influence and it shows grave danger for nation and its people. At least he will demote super power status and beneath its dignity within his tenure of office.  

So it would not  be wrong to say that if a black pearl is in the white house that would be heading to the worst.


I take stock of the world affairs from my Astro-Philosophical point of view without lettering myself be influenced by religion, racial, political discrimination and hatred. It is dedicated to the profound knowledge of astronomical applied modern political science. (click)


















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Total Solar Eclipse at North Pole Expected August 2008

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A very unique astronomical phenomenon on 2008 August 1st total eclipse of Sun is visible from within a narrow corridor that traverses half of the Earth. The eclipse path of Moon’s umbra shadow begins in Canada and extends across northern Greenland, the Arctic, Central Russia, Mongolia, and China.

The total eclipse will cross the western Siberia from north to south. The maximum eclipse will be at 10:21:08 UT. (Universal Time)

Eclipse occurs at the time of New Moon or full Moon, when the conjunction or opposition of Sun and Moon takes place within the orb of North Node and South Node.

The New Moon eclipse or Total Solar eclipse may indeed bring a period of too great interest and activity in world affairs.

Solar and Lunar eclipses are highly important in world and national trends because they determine the peaks of energy discharges and they indicate most important and far-reaching events and their period of influences extends over some considerable time.

The figure of each total solar eclipse should be effective from 15 days before the time of the eclipse conjunction of the luminaries to 8 – 9 months after eclipse. The times of ecliptic conjunction and opposition are those of New Moon and Full Moon.

In general Solar eclipse has the tendency to result in magnetic storm in the Arctic and the Antarctic regions.  There will be magnetic disturbance from Moon descendant to the North and South Pole regions.  Ray of force can also affect to the North and South Nodes, there will be also depression in the high seas and Oceans. Also natural disasters such as severs Earth quakes, unprecedented floods, hurricanes and cyclones, huge forest fires, subterranean explosions, or excites and stirs up war, volcanic eruptions, melting of ice from the North and South Poles, severe landslides, coal mines and gold mines disasters may occur in succession as consequent to the solar or Lunar eclipse.

 above mentioned eclipse disasters most effect in those countries where they are visible, or under the eclipse path and more especially where they are on the meridian at the moment of central eclipse and when a nation’s signs of zodiac has reached a critical point and that the leader’s birth sign and planets positions also points out to the critical dimension then the fate of both the nation and the leader and the people are invariably target to the disasters which  awaited them in the course of its fateful manifestations.


According to the sidereal system 2008 August 1st total Solar eclipse at North Pole will fall on Zodiac Sign Cancer and it will be same altitude with chief planet Saturn and star Regulus. That would be excites and stirs up wars or unbridled military build up, political assassination will occur and continuing unrest will plague the nations as after an affect of the total solar eclipse at North Pole. ( click)

The global situation between June 20th 2008 and December 2009 will be overwhelmed with astounding occurrences according to the projections of Astro- Philosophy.


The eclipse will fall on President Bush’s natal Saturn. Therefore much care is needed before ending his White House term. Will effect above natural disasters, including the US security will be very critical from June 20th 2008 to December 2009. Especially such Areas as:

(A) Security of President Bush or accident will occur.

(B)Natural disasters of Huge proportion may befall on the nation from July 14th 2008 to April 2009. Major accidents such as commercial plane crashes or hijack, disasters effecting military air crafts and naval vessels such as aircraft carriers and nuclear drive Submarines, especially destruction explosion or there may occur leakage of reactors in Submarine accidentally or caused by disturbance. 

(C) Near expiry of the term of President Bush’s tenure of office the Iranian president will resolutely oppose and he will act in such way that US will have to take military action against Iran or unexpected developments in Government inner circle which will require more careful management before expiry of White House term.

(D)Unusual event will occur in November election 2008.

(E) President Bush’s tenure of office likelihood ends with war or he will be handed over the White House to McCain.

(F) President Bush should be avoiding oversea journey “between” August 1st 2008and January 31st of 2009.

(G) Up to December 2009 bringing US troop’s home from Iraq is impossible. If withdrew from Iraq before December 2009 new theatre war will arise…


Barack Obama.

Given date of birth is August 4th 1961 born in Hawaii.  According to the Sidereal system the total solar eclipse will fall on his natal sun in Cancer which also is oppose to his natal Saturn and if he was born at noon or afternoon on that date, after solar eclipse on August 1st, most of the Americans will be changed their attitudes and Medias will jump ship from Obama.  McCain will surely be riding high for the next president of America.

Despite the above instance, if nature deviates and Obama wins it would not be wrong to say that he seldom complete his White House term,  resignation will occur or highly vulnerable to assassination.

Also he can’t lead to the nation with high profile because of  Obama’s natal Mars, Uranus , Pluto and North Node are exactly oppose to  US independent  natal Moon from Aquarius  that would be  a very powerful influence. It shows grave danger of international disputes, disagreement with other powers, unsatisfactory condition of foreign relations, and danger of war.

Also the same his natal Mars, Uranus, Pluto and north Node are conjunct with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s natal Moon this is an evil influence denoting turbulence, outrages against and troublesome position in regard to foreign affairs and unexpected complications of serious nature. Which also defy easy solution. So dreaming for appeasement policy to Iran or terrorists would be in vain.

If Obama is elected, also the Iranian president will re- elect and Iran will succeed it nuclear program within his term and after Iran possesses nuclear war heads Iran will strongly tie with China, Russia, France, North Korea and all anti American nations also Iran will become super power in Middle East, at the same time US will lose its influence on middle east. Current economic recovery would be in vain and that would be heading to the worse.

The Democratic May find itself unsteady and shaky in 2008 – 2009.



1. Solar eclipse will fall China’s natal Mars, which also is oppose to natal moon. Chinese economy or political conditions will began to destabilize from August 2008 and suffer from financial crashes, strange and unexpected  occurrence in the stock and share market…

2. Between August 2008 and 2009 there will be very unfavorable position for foreign affairs and depression in foreign trade.

3. In 2009-2010 political and economic condition will reach a critical stage. The China – US conflict may escalate in to world from 2009 – 2011 or unexpected war over its neighbors hood border could break out.

4. Especially July 15th 2008 – May 2009. Chinahas continue to suffer from natural disasters such as earth quake Cyclone, unprecedented flood and Huge explosives, or nuclear plant reactors leakage (disasters likelihood hit City Shanghai and Beijing.)

5. After eclipse it would not be easy for China to host the Olympic game with peace and success. (Such prediction has been broad casted from London BBC since January 1st 2003 @ 2:15 pm GMT)

6. President Bush likelihood absent from China Olympic open ceremony on 8th August.         



1. Eclipse will fall on President’s natal Uranus. From July 17th 2008 – December 2009 especially from July 17th 2008 – April 2009 that would be extremely difficult period for him explosive forces may break out in any area of his life and porn to outburst anger. Health problem may occur sudden. Urgent physical illness that requires a major operation or danger of accident and loss of blood.  

2.After solar eclipse a very powerful influence and grave danger of international disputes, disagreement with other powers and danger of war. Or highly atomic reactor leakage will occur during his tenure of office.

3. Riot, strike or Iran and its people is invariably target to the disasters such as powerful Earth quake, huge explosives.        

4. The President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is not war free .In case of being free from warring conditions he would seldom complete his term of office, after eclipse he will find more difficulties to handle the domestic problem and International affairs. Especially Iran will be suffering economic downturns from August 2010

5. The target months for unusual events in Iran and its ruler should be from July 17th 2008 to August 10th 2008, November 8th 2008 to December 20th 2008,  March 3rd 2009 to April 14th 2009, July 2nd 2009 to August 17th 2009:



General Musharraf will find himself more and more difficult to handle the domestic problems as he will be confronted with demonstrations and mounting acts of oppositions.

After solar eclipse massive demonstrations as well as attempts on his life will take place.

He will have to pass over mountain of swords and fire of sea on his political journey. September 24th 2008 to November 8th 2008, January 26th 2009 to March 8th 2009. And May23rd to July 4th 2009 are target months for General Musharraf and his resignation or assassination will occur above mentioned periods but he will have a hair- breath escape from an assassination. (click)


From August 2008 – 2009 it can be predicted beyond doubt that the sunset time of Kim Jung II is imminent.



1. Solar eclipse at North Pole will bring many more unusual events to this planet especially nature disasters and war. Much care is needed Russia, China, all Island nations, including Australia. Netherlands, England, Canada. Southern India. Southern Africa and Middle East and Northern part of North Korea.   

2. Under water explosions or reactor leakage will occur from Russia or Chinese Submarines.

3. Disaster will hit under ground subways and underground workers such as from mines.  Disaster likelihood hit in Japan, China, France, and Russian subways.  

4. Again the rulers or famous people who are similar to ruler will be assassinated or face death above mentioned period.



1. The Solar eclipse effect can strike Satellites orbiting space, or Space station.

 Great loss of NASA space program will encountered, especially those space crafts scheduled to send into orbit or those already in orbit from July 2008 -April 2009. Much care is needed in before launching space craft, human error or surveyor error will occur.

2. Solar virus can also can penetrate the Earth or Mars atmosphere and disrupt the functions of NASA base computer control system that would be out of communication or out of control over current Phoenix on Mars and New Horizon which heading to Pluto.


May all be free from the effect of such disasters and war?

Written on June 18th 2008 @ 6:45 pm, GMT  


Please see the world news and total solar eclispse effect on Earth. (click)























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