President Musharraf Of Pakistan & Solar Eclipse 2008

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A country or a nation can dance with milk and honey only when his leadership is in the favorable period of life cycle of leaders concerned.  If a head of state, whose life cycle is the unfavorable period trying to consolidating his power by neglecting the worst period, his or her future as well as the history of the country concerned will have to face unavoidable bad circumstances.

The security of a nation depends, not on the most powerful arsenal of weaponry including nuclear capability and mighty military strength. It depends more on the destiny of the ruler’s of that nation. If during the period of his leadership his stars are on the pinnacle and enjoying the best fortune, than the nation which he leads can be assured of security, prosperity, social harmony, political stability on all fronts.

However if the leader happens to be in the ebb tide cycle when his stars in the zodiac is on the wane and wading the worst period of his life cycle, than all his superior weaponry, the best military strength will fail to bring security, political stability  and prosperity to the nation and his people.

In my opinion if all the leaders of the universe are at their best and neutral periods knowing their unfavorable period to quit, we can certainly expect a peaceful and lovely world to live in. 

The most important thing is each and every world leader should thoroughly keep in mind above mentioned theory . It is a fact of world history that many of Military rulers or Dictators were faced in erasable black mark of their personal life in the annals of human history and downfall because of continuously consolidating their power more than 8 years term. 

President Musharraf should quit since August 2007, Please click the undermentioned links and read under title Pakistan.




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thanks for visiting Pak Tea House and making a mention of your interesting posts
(ed – PTH) Many thank for interesting on my post.
Bella Liberty

Hi, In the astrological order, the planets came before the signs. Similarly, in mundane astrology, the land comes before the leader. A leader will be chosen that is conform with the needs of the collective, which also will be reflected in the horoscope of the nation. Leaders are important – but temporal. A nation is of a higher order.

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