Who Is The Most Responsibility For 911

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 Bill Clinton Is  The Most Responsibility For 911 Event

Who provided the power and courage for Osama Bin Laden to successfully hatch the 911 plot ?  

Current US history is written by Democratic President Bill Clinton and he is the one, most responsibility person for September 11, 2001 event. If Americans have great knowledge and high philosophy it is easy to find out.    

It was Democratic President Bill Clinton’s tenure of White House. In 1993 World Trade Center has been attacked by terrorists. In 1996 Khobar towers was bombing. Again in 1998 bomb explosions at Unite States Embassy in East Africa capital cities Dar er Salaam Tanzania and Nairobi Kenya .The attacks linked to local members of the Al-Qaeda terrorists network headed by Osama Bin Laden. But there were no proper action taken on Osama Bin Laden that would be strengthened the terrorists power and courage for further attack, again in 2000 attack on USS Cole in Yemen port. Also there was no proper action was taken by president Clinton.

Since 1996 the Democratic president Clinton found that the strong hold Osama Bin Laden’s terrorist training center location was in Afghanistan, but president Clinton didn’t take any proper action on Osama Bin Laden or Afghanistan.  Actually 1998 terrorists attacking on US Embassy in Africa was same level as 911 event and since that time president Clinton should take military action on Osama Bin Laden or Afghanistan and must destroy strong hold terrorist training center and its leaders. But the Democratic president Clinton ignored.

So that condition had provided strength, power, and courage for Osama Bin Laden to successfully hatch the September 11, 2001 plot. So that’s proofs , undeniable the  Democratic president Clinton is the most responsibility person for 911 event and current US history.

Also current Democratic presidential nominee Obama is already declared that he wants to talk with Osama Bin Laden and appeasement policy to extremist strong anti American Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to strengthen the terrorists power again and beneath the dignity of super power.

If Obama is elected the Iranian will be succeeded it nuclear program, and Iran will strongly tie with China , Russia, North Korea including all anti American nations in this world and Iran will become super power in Middle East. At the same time US will loose its influence on Middle East. That would be super power sunset time.

Iraq war is not an illegal war as Obama says, that war is called NSP war ( National Security Program war) or WPSP war ( World Peace and Security Precaution War). Before 911 Saddam Hussein the only one threatening and shaky the US National Security and World Peace. The Afghanistan War is called Revenge War. Americans should thoroughly keep in mind that US never go for Colonial War also there is no more Revenge war in future but super power will  be always standing by for NSP or WSPP war which also is super power duty and its nature. No one can definitely agree for there is no more war in future, war is depends on world situation.

Almost 232 years now America is still rich and going strong with its super power in this universe.  All Americans compare with yourself with Chines ,Russian and North Korea citizens. Also American soldiers compare with American Military facility with those Chinese, Russian, North Korean soldiers Military facilities. Also all American compare with gas price in Europe, in Europe one liter is 1.5 EUR and 1 EUR = US 1.3993  it should be more than $ 8  per Gal in Europe . All American can compare with whole world. The economic downturns is not only in US, the whole world. But America is still going strong.

Americans need great super power political skill and knowledge. Who you vote than who should win is an important political matter. Do not vote on presidential nominee ‘s words, vote on your political skill and knowledge.

Message to world Sarah Palin ‘s speech is deleted on You Tube. Whether he ordered or not but it will directly affecting to Obama and that would be beneath his dignity. Also it is dirty politic.

Astropolitical Science Research Bureau.






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3 Responses to “Who Is The Most Responsibility For 911”

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Comment keeps gettign discarded

Wow, I have to admit this is one of the most delusional post I have read so far. It would take a book using documents to answer most of your charges. But let us address the most egregious.

First, you are historically blissful and able to twist it to your view only with the distance of time on your assumption. However, here is the words and explanation from Bill himself. Clinton Explains the political environment surround the decision about Bin Laden

The truth is that the republican held congress and the different national security entities refused to deem Bin Laden a terrorist. With out that label, Bill would have been killing just another citizen of Afghanistan. The US has a “no assassination” mandate. In order to take out Bin Laden would have taken an act of Congress, just as it did in 2001 and 2003. The republicans condemned Bill Clinton as being “pre-occupied with Bin Laden”. He told GW on multiple meeting during the interim period that they needed to concentrate on Bin Laden and they dismissed the Clinton administration. You can lead a cowboy to water…

Lastly here, let us look at history and American security. When Bill Clinton Left office. North Korea had it nuclear facilities locked down with U.N. inspectors, cameras, and inspections. They were abiding by an agreement the US had made to make light water reactors to supply energy to fuel their fledgling economy. Bush came into office, reneged on the agreement, and threatened them. Less then 2 years later the plutonium weapons program had been restarted. This ignorance and cowboy policy mentality has lead us to the security and financial slump we are in today. You can not pin that on anybody but the Bush Administration and the republican held legislation of the first 6 years. Remember 9/11 is a full year and a half after GW took control.

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