Astrological Science and NASA + Lulin & Obama

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The satellite collision is first time in Space history.

Astrological science has been signaled many months ahead of actual occurrence, since article in total solar eclipse at north pole August 1st 2008 and again signaled in article Venus occultation by Moon December 1st 2008.  Predictions are as follow:

Note from Solar eclipse August article: NASA: The total solar eclipse effect can strike satellites orbiting space or space station. Great loss of NASA will be encountered, especially those space crafts scheduled to send in to orbit or those already in orbit from July 2008 – April 2009. Much care is needed in before launching space craft, human error or surveyor error may occur. {  https://bellaliberty.wordpress.com/2008/06/22/total-solar-eclipse-at-north-pole-expected-august-2008/ }

Note from Venus occultation by Moon: NASA: current Venus transiting to Moon effect can strike satellites orbiting space or international space station. The great loss of NASA  space programme will be encountered in 2009. { https://bellaliberty.wordpress.com/ }

                           Such unusual events are happened within Astrological science given target period,




                                                          {NASA lost 280 millions }


BBC News: The probe was launched in 2007 and mapped the moon’s surface a Chinese Lunar probe has crashed in to the moon.>   http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/7917957.stm <

 Comet LuLin Effects.

cometclose3ၤBetween August 2008 and February 2009 within 6 months the unusual events such as total solar eclipse at north pole, Venus occultation by Moon and the comet LuLIN which occurred and passed closest to earth within 38 millions miles will entail ominous and catastrophic consequence over our planet earth and its inhabitants unprecedented natural disasters,on earth and space, subterranean explosives, especially unbridled military buildup or excites and stirs up War. Taking the military action, widening the scope of war and world affairs could happen like during the time of WWII or continuing unrest will plague on the earth and space.

Especially NASA has to face difficulties due to malfunctioning of computer control system or sensitive electronic sensor systems from space craft, satellites, ISS, or Mars lander Phoenix. Since August 2008, the cosmic chemistry is damaged and it is an ill time to begin any new concern on space programme or NASA should avoid multi million space programme game between 2009 and  June 2010. 

Also much care is needed in all nuclear power plants or nuclear drive submarines , there may occur leakage of reactors  accidentally or caused by disturbances.

OBAMA း  When the comet was transiting on Leo is the closest point to the earth. According to the sidereal system US natal Moon is posit in Aquarius and Obama natal Uranus, Pluto, Mars and N, Node are posit in Leo, the comet Lulin was transiting opposite 180 degree angle from US natal Moon,and it was transiting on Obama’s natal Urans, Pluto,Mars and N, node from Leo. It confers Obama will always be attended grave problems that defy easy solution or appeasement policy . He will find himself very difficult to maintain his presidential position and more and more difficult to handle the grave global problems as he will be confronted with demonstrations and mounting acts of terrorists including global Islamic. He is not war free. In case of being free from warring conditions, he would seldom complete his term, highly vulnerable to assassination or resignation will occur. He will have to pass over mountain of swords and sea of fire on his political journey . Especially after total solar eclipse of July 2009 it shows sudden and unexpected developments in Government circles which will require careful management or defeat and resignation will ensue. Within Obama target date withdrawing the troops from unrest Iraq is impossible. If he is succeeded likelihood new theater of historic War will arise.

The Kings, ruler or famous people who smiler to rulers will be assassinated or face death before April 2010.

May all be free from the effects of such disasters.

Bella Liberty  ( Astrophilosopher )



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Venus Occultation By Moon On December 1st 2008

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                                        Venus Transiting On Crescent Moon

Brilliant Venus pop outed from behind the crescent Moon on Monday night December 1st 2008, in a spectacular hide and seek over much of Europe including UK,Britain is ideally places for this rare event, called a planetary occultation, which occurs during rush hour and so could be widely noticed especially its effect by Astrological science.

According to Astrological science point of view Venus occultation by Moon may indeed bring a period of too great interest and activity in world affairs especially to kings and rulers.  This transit is highly important in world and national trends because they determine the peaks of energy discharges and they indicate most important and far- reaching events and their period of influence extends over some considerable time. This Venus transit to Moon should be effective between full moon of December 2008 and  full moon of December  2009. During Venus transiting time the Sun including most of the planets posit on the same declination South especially the giant Jupiter,Venus and the crescent  Moon were in line.  So this Venus occultation by Moon has the tendency to result and its impact would be..

1. That would be excites and stirs up wars or unbridled military build up and the Global situation between  full moon  day of December 2008 and full Moon day of December 2009 will be overwhelmed with astounding occurrences, and the American economic recovery would be difficult between above mentioned period but it would be recovered after March 2010, according to the projection of Astrological science.

2. The crescent moon is sign of Islam and Venus is sign of Israel, so Venus transit to Moon confers the Israel will attack Iran and if war broke out Israel will seeking to use atomic for a first strike. Also it  mean the the global terrorists power will be strengthened. The Israel and Iran grave problem will arise and Obama term will be attended by such grave problem that defy easy solution or appeasement policy.

3. If Obama stand for Israel that situation will be aroused the global terrorists anger and US may have another 911 or unexpected attempt on his life will ensue. If Obama stand for Iran or terrorists  he will be condemned by American people and his or Hillary ‘s  resignation will occur.

4. Also the historic White House is occupied by Israeli chief of staff Rahm Emanuel and Islamic blood Obama both are opposite blood and that would be heading to the worst or it would not be easy to reform American economic, security and world peace as much as Obama voicing. Obama or Rahm Emanuel one must be out, the two anti bloods couldn’t be stay together in the White House. If it is Obama would not be able to maintain his position between big brains, bigger personalities and those high powered economic and political experts, most probably after coming Total Solar Eclipse 2009.

5. In general total solar eclipse or Venus transit to moon with a great conjunction has the tendency to result in magnetic storm in the Arctic and the Antarctic regions and the ray of force can also effect to the North and South Pole of Earth and Lunar, it will be depression in the high seas and Oceans. Also nature disasters such as severs Earth-quake, unprecedented flood,hurricane cyclone and subterranean explosives or excites and stirs of war may occur in succession as consequent to the current unusual event Venus transit to Moon and after  Solar Eclipse in August 2009.

Mentioned Venus transit disasters most effect in those countries where they are visible or under the transit path and more especially where they are on the meridian at the movement of central transit and when a nation’s sign of zodiac has reached a critical point and that the leader’s birth sign and planet positions also point out the critical dimension then the fate of both the nation, leader and people are invariably target to the disasters which awaited them in the course of its fateful manifestations.

6. As mentioned above Europe including UK is ideally place for this rare event, therefore EU including Russia and UK may have natural disasters or terrorists attack and  huge explosions. Also much care is needed in Queen Elizabeth II health and necessary to be tightened security on palace and air port.

7. The Pakistani new government will find itself more and more difficult to handle the domestic problems as government will be confronted with demonstrations and mounting acts of opposition or further extremists attack will occur.

8.The Kashmir problem will be come worse  and India Pakistan tension will arise, unbridled military build up and continuing unrest will plague both nations as the effect of current Venus transit to moon.

9.The Iran will be succeeded its wide range nuclear program before December 2009 and If Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad reelect middle east will be unrest and the new theatre of historic war will arise.

10. NASA current Venus transit to Moon effect can strike Satellite  orbiting space or International space station. Great loss of NASA space program will be encountered in 2009.

11. The kings, rulers  or famous people who similar to rulers will be assassinated or face death above mentioned period.

May all be free from the effect of such disasters and war.

Note… I took the stock the world affairs from my Astrological science point of view without letting myself be influenced by religions, racial, and political discrimination and hatred. It is dedicated the profound knowledge of modern astrological science.

Bella Liberty




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Who Is The Most Responsibility For 911

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 Bill Clinton Is  The Most Responsibility For 911 Event

Who provided the power and courage for Osama Bin Laden to successfully hatch the 911 plot ?  

Current US history is written by Democratic President Bill Clinton and he is the one, most responsibility person for September 11, 2001 event. If Americans have great knowledge and high philosophy it is easy to find out.    

It was Democratic President Bill Clinton’s tenure of White House. In 1993 World Trade Center has been attacked by terrorists. In 1996 Khobar towers was bombing. Again in 1998 bomb explosions at Unite States Embassy in East Africa capital cities Dar er Salaam Tanzania and Nairobi Kenya .The attacks linked to local members of the Al-Qaeda terrorists network headed by Osama Bin Laden. But there were no proper action taken on Osama Bin Laden that would be strengthened the terrorists power and courage for further attack, again in 2000 attack on USS Cole in Yemen port. Also there was no proper action was taken by president Clinton.

Since 1996 the Democratic president Clinton found that the strong hold Osama Bin Laden’s terrorist training center location was in Afghanistan, but president Clinton didn’t take any proper action on Osama Bin Laden or Afghanistan.  Actually 1998 terrorists attacking on US Embassy in Africa was same level as 911 event and since that time president Clinton should take military action on Osama Bin Laden or Afghanistan and must destroy strong hold terrorist training center and its leaders. But the Democratic president Clinton ignored.

So that condition had provided strength, power, and courage for Osama Bin Laden to successfully hatch the September 11, 2001 plot. So that’s proofs , undeniable the  Democratic president Clinton is the most responsibility person for 911 event and current US history.

Also current Democratic presidential nominee Obama is already declared that he wants to talk with Osama Bin Laden and appeasement policy to extremist strong anti American Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to strengthen the terrorists power again and beneath the dignity of super power.

If Obama is elected the Iranian will be succeeded it nuclear program, and Iran will strongly tie with China , Russia, North Korea including all anti American nations in this world and Iran will become super power in Middle East. At the same time US will loose its influence on Middle East. That would be super power sunset time.

Iraq war is not an illegal war as Obama says, that war is called NSP war ( National Security Program war) or WPSP war ( World Peace and Security Precaution War). Before 911 Saddam Hussein the only one threatening and shaky the US National Security and World Peace. The Afghanistan War is called Revenge War. Americans should thoroughly keep in mind that US never go for Colonial War also there is no more Revenge war in future but super power will  be always standing by for NSP or WSPP war which also is super power duty and its nature. No one can definitely agree for there is no more war in future, war is depends on world situation.

Almost 232 years now America is still rich and going strong with its super power in this universe.  All Americans compare with yourself with Chines ,Russian and North Korea citizens. Also American soldiers compare with American Military facility with those Chinese, Russian, North Korean soldiers Military facilities. Also all American compare with gas price in Europe, in Europe one liter is 1.5 EUR and 1 EUR = US 1.3993  it should be more than $ 8  per Gal in Europe . All American can compare with whole world. The economic downturns is not only in US, the whole world. But America is still going strong.

Americans need great super power political skill and knowledge. Who you vote than who should win is an important political matter. Do not vote on presidential nominee ‘s words, vote on your political skill and knowledge.

Message to world Sarah Palin ‘s speech is deleted on You Tube. Whether he ordered or not but it will directly affecting to Obama and that would be beneath his dignity. Also it is dirty politic.

Astropolitical Science Research Bureau.





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President Musharraf Of Pakistan & Solar Eclipse 2008

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A country or a nation can dance with milk and honey only when his leadership is in the favorable period of life cycle of leaders concerned.  If a head of state, whose life cycle is the unfavorable period trying to consolidating his power by neglecting the worst period, his or her future as well as the history of the country concerned will have to face unavoidable bad circumstances.

The security of a nation depends, not on the most powerful arsenal of weaponry including nuclear capability and mighty military strength. It depends more on the destiny of the ruler’s of that nation. If during the period of his leadership his stars are on the pinnacle and enjoying the best fortune, than the nation which he leads can be assured of security, prosperity, social harmony, political stability on all fronts.

However if the leader happens to be in the ebb tide cycle when his stars in the zodiac is on the wane and wading the worst period of his life cycle, than all his superior weaponry, the best military strength will fail to bring security, political stability  and prosperity to the nation and his people.

In my opinion if all the leaders of the universe are at their best and neutral periods knowing their unfavorable period to quit, we can certainly expect a peaceful and lovely world to live in. 

The most important thing is each and every world leader should thoroughly keep in mind above mentioned theory . It is a fact of world history that many of Military rulers or Dictators were faced in erasable black mark of their personal life in the annals of human history and downfall because of continuously consolidating their power more than 8 years term. 

President Musharraf should quit since August 2007, Please click the undermentioned links and read under title Pakistan.





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If A Black Pearl Is In The White House

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Coming July 4th 2008 super power American age is  almost 232 years completed and also there were many great histories and unusual events were lied between 4th July 1776  and  2008. But today an African blood Black man Obama is making the greatest history ever before in more than two centuries old American history.

The White House was built in October 13th 1792 and it was completed on 1800 and later  it was named as a white House” since that day only the whites are continuously consolidating the White House and its power. But in 2008 Obama become a greatest historic black in America and today all medias are jumped to Obama’s ship and most of the Americans are voting for him and voicing for the change. Today he is the one who is leading the all American whites and also he is  already one step  inside the White House. The whole world blacks are proud of him also the Islamic world is more proud of him. Today Obama is the Americans dream and Americans are hopping for the great changes. That would be their dreams, their hopes and the situation.

of cause if Obama is elected definitely America will be changed, but no one knows that would be change for the good or for the worse ? That is an important political matter.  I have presented my political weather focus 0n 2000 US presidential election. As I have predicted current US history and G.W Bush  has been witnessing the world is on fire, while walking the thorny path full of portholes and unprecedented economic downturns. such historic political focus were signaled years ahead of actual occurrence, which also has been broad casted by London BBC on January 1st 2002 @ 2:15 pm GMT.

Now what about the on -going US presidential election? What will be the impact of the result of if Obama wins? I will present the answer in gist. Who will win is a challenge to Astrology?  Who should win is an important political matter?

It is an in-depth study a philosophy resembling a political report covering the prediction of if a Black spot is in the White House. 

Analysis on Obama

Obama is said to be born on August 4th 1961 and the US independent day is 4th July 1776. According to Sidereal system US independent natal moon is posit in Aquarius and Obama’s powerful evil planets Pluto, Uranus, Mars and North Node are oppose to US natal moon. Also US natal Uranus and Mars are conjunct with Obama’s natal moon. That combinations confer a very powerful influence and each aspect shows grave danger of International disputes, disagreement with other powers, unsatisfactory condition of foreign relations and danger of war and troublesome position in regard to foreign affairs, producing awkward and unexpected complications of a serious nature and the nation’s status will demote . So Obama’s natal chief evil planets are not allow him to lead the nation with high profile and changing for the good directions. As well as his natal evil planets Pluto, Uranus, Mars are conjunct with Iranian president  Ahmadinejad’s natal moon that is an evil influence denoting strike, rioting, violence , turbulence among the people and outrages against with other power.  So dreaming for his appeasement policy would be in vain.  

 If he was born at noon or after noon on November 2008 the current Mars will oppose to his natal moon and US natal Uranus and Mars that would be most of the Americans will change their attitudes on Obama and McCain will surly be riding high for the next president. If nature deviates and Obama wins, US would enjoy another four years of term in his presidency the impact would be…..

1..Iran will succeed its wide range of nuclear program and Iran will strongly tie with China , Russia, and all anti American nations. The Iran will become super power in Middle East and  will seek Veto in UN. US will lose its influence on Middle East, if Middle East is out of US influence than the US economic recovery would be in vain.

2..Obama’s foreign policy which talking to the terrorists or appeasement policy to Iran will  be increased terrorists power and will support to Iran’s nuclear program, it will show grave danger of International disputes and his foreign policy will disagreement with EU and other power.

3. Within Obama’s tenure of White House definitely US may lose its super power status and that would be heading to the worst in all fronts.

4.The retrograde Saturn is opposed to his Mercury and Sun, that aspect confers much activity; much reading and a busy minded but given to the pursuit of lack knowledges and philosophy. Perhaps he is good reader but seldom study the nature of communists, nature of terrorists and nature of Iran and the current world situation.

5. The Planets Pluto, Uranus, Mars and North Node are powerful evil influence and it shows grave danger for nation and its people. At least he will demote super power status and beneath its dignity within his tenure of office.  

So it would not  be wrong to say that if a black pearl is in the white house that would be heading to the worst.


I take stock of the world affairs from my Astro-Philosophical point of view without lettering myself be influenced by religion, racial, political discrimination and hatred. It is dedicated to the profound knowledge of astronomical applied modern political science.

http://rawstory.com/news/2006/Pluto_s_demotion_from_planetary_sta_12312006.html (click)


















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